Wedding Trends

There’s no doubt that a wedding is a time to celebrate and honor the love and commitment a couple makes to each other. As the new year approaches, it’s such an exciting time to be a part of the wedding world! The year 2023 is sure to be an exciting year for weddings! Many wedding trends are becoming reimagined and revamped, as more and more couples are looking to make their wedding a unique, personalized, imaginative, and meaningful experience. 

 Here are a few of the Top 2023 Wedding Trends we’re excited to see.

wedding trends


The trend for vibrant colors and whimsical decorations seems to be making a comeback in wedding plans. While the last few years have focused mainly on minimalist designs, pastels, muted tones, and monochromatic themes, we are seeing a drastic change! Look out for vibrant color palettes, the color palette that Pinterest predicts will reign in 2023 include many tones of orange – like terracotta, copper, and ginger. The Rose Pink theme is starting to lose some popularity but we expect to still see a lot of this tone, but now being paired with tones of green and even the orange hues of 2023. 

indoor venue

Indoor and Outdoor Venue Spaces

Outdoor celebrations will continue to be popular in 2023, and venues that offer both beautiful outdoor areas as well as incredible indoor spaces are taking the top spot for most desired locations. Having the ceremony outside somewhere like the Tiffany Outdoor Pavilion, followed by a reception inside, continues to be a popular choice.  With the Tiffany Ballrooms expensive cocktail spaces the location is ideal for a combination of indoors and out.

 An outdoor ceremony space brings in elements of nature, adding a different atmosphere than your indoor reception.  Adding vibrant lighting or floral décor will add that extra ‘WOW’ factor not only to the day, but in the wedding photographs as well. Then, having an indoor space for your reception party can bring a more intimate, personal feel to your wedding. Plus, you will have fewer logistics to worry about when you have an indoor space for your dinner and dancing. Finding a venue that offers all-inclusive packages as well as indoor and outdoor options, can make your wedding planning easier and less stressful-like the Tiffany Ballroom!

natural looking photo

Candid, unplanned, natural-looking Photos

The theme for photos in 2023 wedding trends seems to be leaning more towards candid photos and natural lighting. Couples do not seem to be as concerned with everything looking perfect, although they do want some of the traditional wedding photos and poses, look for couples in 2023 to have their photographer focus more on capturing the day unfiltered. Another fun throwback trend is having disposable cameras for guests to take photos during the party. These are becoming very popular again!

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Mismatched Bridesmaid

Having bridesmaid dresses that do not match either in style or in color has started taking over as the trend for those in the wedding party. In 2023, it seems the wedding party may be given a lot more freedom in choosing attire. Look out for more mismatched wedding parties – dresses can have mismatched colors, patterns, styles, lengths, fabrics, etc. This trend is super fun and gives bridesmaids a little more freedom to show off their personality too. However, don’t be swayed if you have visions of all your bridesmaids having matching styles and colors, this will continue to be a fashionable choice as well. Mixed gender wedding parties are breaking the traditional mold of who you have standing beside you as you say “I Do”, we expect to see many more Man of Honor and Best Women!

Curated Wedding Wardrobes

There’s much more to the wedding wardrobe than just the wedding dress these days, the wedding wardrobe is all the outfits a bride is going to need from engagement, to wedding, and sometimes the honeymoon. This can include the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower and/or engagement party, the bachelorette party, a day-after wedding brunch outfit – the idea is to curate a wardrobe of white outfits and accessories that are cohesive and fashionable – that also allow the bride to showcase her personality. Many times, this includes matching outfits or t-shirts for the newlywed couple to wear when traveling to their honeymoon. 

These are just a few we’re looking out to see, wedding trends in 2023 are sure to continue to be a unique compilation of inspirations that reflect the couple and their ideals and values. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for weddings and even inspiration throughout the year. 

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