Wedding Shoes

wedding shoes

Heels, flats, sandals, sneakers, mules, slings, boots, booties!  – With so many wedding shoes to choose from, how do you know which wedding shoe is for you? There are seemingly a million details that go into getting to that final look on your wedding day – hairstyle, make up, jewelry, accessories…. But second only to the dress is your wedding shoes. The shoes you decide to wear for your wedding day are a big deal – you’ll likely be wearing them for hours on end – and there’s a lot of things to consider when dressing up your feet for your big day. There’s height (or lack of it….), style, and of course comfort level. Are you looking to add that pop of personality, or do you just want to avoid aching feet, while still looking cute? Read on for a few key steps to possibly finding the perfect mix of the two for you…

wedding dress

Choose your Wedding Dress First – your wedding shoes should be one of the ultimate compliments to the style and formality of your dress, however, buying the shoes before the dress could compromise this detail. The length of your dress is going to be the biggest determining factor when it comes to the style (and height) of the shoes you decide to go with. If you are wearing a tea-length gown, your shoes will be getting a lot more visibility than if you are wearing a floor length ball gown, make sure to think about how much of your shoes you want to be seen when you are picking the dress. 

Know Where You’re Going to Be – Wedding location should be a big factor in styling your wedding shoes. A pair of ultra high heels isn’t likely going to be the best choice for an outdoor beach or grass ceremony. Also remember, the ceremony is not the only possible outdoor location either, remember to consider where you will be taking wedding photos and how much of the shoes will be featured in the photos as well. Be aware of other key details that could factor into your shoe choices like – how many stairs you’ll be climbing, are there gravel or dirt pathways, and how slippery is the dance floor?

The Timing is Everything – The time of year will play largely when it comes to wedding shoes choices. You will not want to pick a dainty pair of sandals if you are planning on a winter wedding with photos taken outside. In case of inclement weather, you may want to have a plan B for your wedding shoes – in the case of rain, wet grass or puddles will certainly not work well with glittering flats. Consider adding a fun pair of rain boots under your wedding dress – at least for the outdoor portions of the day. Having a winter wedding and possibly faced with snow? Dress up your feet with some big fuzzy snow boots for the outdoor photos (if you’re taking them) for a fun memory to look back on. 


Now, to determine your Shoe Budget and Style – you’ve chosen the dress and decided on how much visibility your shoes are going to get, you know the time of year and location of your big day…. Now it’s time to determine your wedding shoe budget and style. Having a budget for shoes will certainly help narrow down your search. Another thing to decide is, if you are just buying for that one day, or will you be investing in a pair of shoes you will use again. 

It may be the easiest decision for some but choosing the style of shoe could be one of the more difficult decisions for others. The big question for most will likely be – To heel or not to heel? If you’re a high-heels person and you often wear heels comfortably in your everyday life, then you will most likely have no issues wearing heels to your wedding. If you almost never wear heels and can barely walk when doing so, then you will probably want to opt for a more comfortable option like a platform wedge or even a pair of fancy sneakers! Also think about color, will you choose a bold color pop, or something more neutral. 

Here are a few other things to consider about what you want to achieve in the style of your wedding shoes.

  • Are you making a statement with your shoes, or will they be more conservative?
  • Will you be matching shoes with your partner?
  • Which matters more – style or comfort?
  • Do you want just one pair of shoes, or will you change?

No matter which wedding shoes style you decide to go with, make sure you shop around a little. It can be tempting to buy the very first pair of shoes you fall in love with but try to shop around and weigh some options before making that final choice. When you have finally decided on the perfect pair, be sure to take them to all your dress fittings, and to break them in before the big day. Your wedding day self will thank you. 

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