Selecting Baby Shower Games and Activities – 8 Games and Activities for a Fun, Memorable Baby Shower

baby shower games

Let’s talk about Baby Showers – there is for sure a lot going on during this celebration of new parents and their new baby – from the guest list to the meal choice to the theme and decorations! But there’s another element to Baby Shower Planning – Baby Shower Games and Activities. 

Typically, during the shower, games and activities are ways to keep your guests entertained, as well as  allowing  the expecting mom an opportunity to socialize and mingle. Games and activities are a fun way to make the shower more memorable. A baby shower game is a little different from the traditional game as it is something for guests to do throughout the shower. 

When it comes to deciding which games or activities to have at your shower, the possibilities are almost endless! Knowing the expecting parents and their preference for the types of games/activities is the first and most important step in planning a Baby Shower. The average number of games we see played at a baby shower is around two or three, depending on the type of games. 

There’s many Baby Shower Games and Activity ideas all over the internet, as well as printable materials for some. We’ve come up with a list of eight games and/or activities that are fun, easy(ish) to plan, and will keep guests engaged throughout the shower.

  1. Diaper Raffle

This is a great way to give the expecting parents some supplies and save them some trips to the store in the beginning. It is becoming a very popular activity but involves a bit of planning. A diaper raffle typically involves sending a “raffle ticket” in the shower invitation that explains the raffle. There is usually a prize (or two) for guests to win if they bring a pack of diapers for the baby and their raffle ticket (always have extras on hand). After everyone has settled in, and usually when everyone is sitting and eating, the expecting parents pick the winner(s) and hand out prizes. 

baby shower diaper raffle
  1. Baby Due Date Calendar

Place your bets!  For this game, you’ll need a large calendar print out and some stickers or post-its for guests to write their predictions. Fill out when the due date is, and have guests make their predictions. The guest who is the closest wins! It can be for bragging rights or a little prize can be sent along later. 

  1. Celebrity Babies

This is a great ice-breaker activity. Search online to find pictures of different celebrities when they were babies and a current picture. Then, print and pin the pictures to a board. Guests can have fun trying to guess who is who! Have the current picture under the baby picture or put an answer key on the board. 

  1. Baby Clothes Decorating

Guests can be crafty with this great practical idea. Purchase onesies (get multiple sizes) and set up a table for guests to go over and decorate their own Onesie. Stretch each across a piece of cardboard and leave out fabric paint markers. Guests can tap into their creative sides by painting a onesie masterpiece designed specifically for the bundle of joy. Once dry, the future parents will have practical works of art to cherish.

  1. Baby Gift Bingo

The easiest way to play this game is to get pre-printed blank bingo cards. Leave one for each guest on the tables along with some pens, stickers or Bingo dob markers. Guests fill out the bingo cards then when gifts are being opened. This can be for bragging rights or some small prizes. 

  1. Blind Folded Diaper Changes

This is a fun game for each table to do, if possible. It involves getting a few diapers, some dolls, and blindfolds. Guests can compete at the table, who can change the diaper the fastest while blindfolded. This is a great, lively game that gets the guests moving around after the meal is served. 

  1. Guess the Mothers Measurement

You have to know the expecting mom and whether she will enjoy this Classic Baby Shower Game. Even though it’s not socially acceptable to go up to a pregnant woman, rub her belly and comment on the expanding size of her waistline, at the baby shower, why not have a little fun with it? Pass around a ball of yarn or a spool of ribbon and scissors. Tell each guest to cut off a length that they think corresponds to the size of the honoree’s belly (make sure no one is cheating by measuring their own or a friend’s waist!). When everyone has a piece of string, invite each person up to try his or her luck measuring the mom-to-be’s belly. Whoever has a string that comes closest to being a perfect measurement, wins. This is usually for bragging rights, but a prize could be handed out as well. 

  1. The Baby Price is Right 

Keep guests engaged as the gift-opening gets started. For this game, you’ll want to bring a few gifts for the mom-to-be and have guests try to guess the value without going over. This one is for bragging rights only! The gifts, of course, are kept by the soon-to-be mom.  Or, if you don’t want to use gifts that the guest purchased, you can have some baby basics unwrapped to serve the same purpose, a pack of bottles, diapers, formula-all great things for guests to try to pick the right price!

Now, have some fun! Planning and executing a baby shower is no easy task. At the Tiffany Ballroom, we have space for events of all sizes. If you’re planning a shower or any event, reach out to us! We’d love to help make planning your next event a little bit easier. 

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