Wedding Favors Are Gestures With A Deeply Rooted Tradition

More recently, wedding favors have become one of the big debates of wedding planning.  Do you need to include a favor at your wedding reception?  Is there something guests truly want or appreciate or are they just a waste of money?  There is no one correct answer to this.  While a fun, unexpected little gift is always appreciated, it is no longer a must have item on many couples to do list.  If you decide you’d like to include a wedding favor, here are some great options, from traditional items to more modern personalized items!

When considering favors, you may want to ask your parents or key family members to weigh in on the decision.  For many cultures, it is customary to provide Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle at wedding receptions.



To eat or not to eat?


We at Tiffany Ballroom at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood generally say that if you are going to do a wedding favor, make it very personal or edible!  How many times have you been out on the dance floor to come back to your table and just wanted a little something sweet?  Whether you go for personalized M&M’s, color coordinated Hershey kisses, or something more elaborate, sweets are always a hit!  If you are candy lovers, a full blown candy station is always a huge hit, but keep in mind….all that candy is definitely a big line item on your budget!  

Another option is to include one of the Tiffany Ballroom late night snack stations or To Go items as a favor.  Our Cinnamon Rolls are popular with guests.  You have the option to add personalized stickers to the boxes so guests have a parting gift, either for a midnight snack or breakfast option the next day!  With this, you get a huge “WOW’ from your guests with very little DIY time!

*It is important to check with your venue or caterer regarding any rules/restrictions before you plan any favors that will include food or beverage.


Themed Favors


Consider the theme and time of year of your wedding.  Favors that are placed at the table can also tie into your overall décor. Mini jars of syrup or maple candy are popular options for the fall.  Small jars of honey, succulent plants or packages of wildflower seeds are nice touches for a summer reception and can add décor.  Planning a winter wedding? A snowflake ornament or frosted votive candle is a nice remembrance for guests!  Themed favors can also be a great option.   From small bottles of olive oil and spices to luggage tags, beer koozies to bottle openers, you can select something that is a common interest of yours.  Pinterest and Etsy are a great place to start in coming up with ideas of what you would like to include.


Alternative Placements for Favors


A wedding favor does not always have to be placed on the dining tables.  If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, you can incorporate your favor at the ceremony.  Whether it is personalized sunglasses to make sure guests aren’t ‘blinded by the light’ or a cozy wrap for a late fall ceremony, your guests will appreciate the extra gestures to keep them comfortable.  

During the reception, flip flops are a great option to include for the ladies who want to kick off their heels!  Place these by size in large baskets in front of your band or DJ for easy access!  

You can also consider incorporating your favor into your place cards.  We’ve seen everything from wrapped chocolate bars with printed names and table assignments, sand dollars with a tag, to individually potted plants for guests to take home.  This is a great way to add extra décor to your place card table without increasing your budget.


Charitable Donations


If extra ‘stuff’ isn’t your thing, a charitable donation is always a nice way to thank guests for attending your celebration.  This is especially sentimental if there is a charity that is near and dear to your hearts.  When planning a donation, it’s nice to let guests know where the money will be donated to and what the organization is about.  We recommend including a few framed signs at key places throughout your reception (the bars, place card table and gift table to name a few).  Donating to an animal shelter where you adopted your fur baby? Include a photo of him or her to bring that personal touch in.

Regardless of which option you choose, remember, the best wedding favor is a heartfelt thank you to your guests for celebrating with you on your big day!