Friday Wedding

Considering a Friday wedding? Traditionally a Saturday wedding has been the standard, but more couples are starting to appreciate the benefits of having their wedding on a Friday evening. Although it may seem a bit unconventional – celebrating your wedding on a Friday comes with a whole set of benefits and bonuses that make breaking the tradition worth it! Read on to learn about the advantages of having a Friday wedding. 

Friday Weddings Can Help You Save Money

This can be the biggest advantage to booking an off-peak Friday wedding date. Weddings are expensive, and when you are trying to stick to a budget, hosting your Massachusetts wedding reception on a Friday evening can mean potential discounts. Most wedding venues want to book as many events in the season as possible and have ways to work with you to make this happen. Because of this, Friday evenings are often considered ‘off-peak” and come with lower minimum spending requirements and often a per person discount. Be sure to ask if the date you have in mind is eligible for any special discounts or off-peak rates.

Friday Weddings Give You Availability to More Vendors

Another big advantage to having a Friday wedding reception is  not only availability for your Dream Venue (such as the Tiffany Ballroom) but with other vendors, such as photographers or videographers. You may also find it easier to book other extras such as, photobooths, up lighting, and/or furniture/linen rentals. 

Friday Weddings Create a Weekend Celebration

Depending on where your guests are traveling from, guests may really appreciate the ability to make your wedding reception into a weekend of celebrating. Even local guests can book a room for the night (or two) instead of rushing back home after the festivities are over. Getting married on a Friday also leaves the rest of the weekend to spend more quality time with your guests. You can host a Brunch or Lunch the day after, or even plan a fun off-site activity to continue the celebration. 

Most Importantly, Friday Weddings Give You an Extra Day To Recover!

Let’s remember, a wedding is a Party! And party you will! Having the wedding on a Friday can offer an extra day for you and your new spouse to rest and recover, before jetting off on your honeymoon. Also, you won’t have to worry about rushing to have everything for the honeymoon packed before the wedding (if you don’t want to). Take the extra day to relax, pack, and make sure you don’t forget anything! Another bonus, your guests will probably appreciate the extra day to recover themselves as well!  

The advantages certainly are alluring when it comes to hosting a Friday wedding. It’s important to remember that having the wedding on a Friday does come with a little bit of extra planning. Make sure to send the Save the Dates with plenty of extra time so that people can make the necessary arrangements (taking off work, booking hotel, etc.). Pro tip – If you plan the ceremony later in the evening, guests may not have to worry about taking much time off work. No matter the day of the week, your friends and family are going to want to celebrate you and the start of your new life together. 

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