Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Some of the best and happiest moments of our lives come with some type of celebration, especially at weddings. These wonderful events typically go along with rules and some level of wedding etiquette. Weddings, which are one of the most celebrated events in which people can celebrate and share special moments, offer the bride and groom the opportunity to personalize their special celebration. Here are few things to remember when it comes to wedding etiquette. 


Wedding Etiquette: Guest Invitations 

When planning your wedding, and all the details that come along with guest invitations. It’s important to ensure that everyone close to you is involved in your wedding. This includes the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groom’s wedding party and respective parents. The bride and groom can then narrow down the list to a reasonable number of guests. Ultimately, your budget and size of the venue will determine the size of your wedding. 

Wedding Etiquette for the Bride and Groom

Wedding day can be one of the most special, yet stressful events we ever encounter. Part of the stress derives from getting stuck doing all the wedding duties such as, taking additional photos with all the family and friends or making sure that every guest has been greeted. 

Enjoy your special day! Make a point to sit down together as newlyweds and replenish all the energy you will need for the rest of your night. Thank your guests for attending your wedding, however make it short and sweet. After all, you don’t want to get caught up in socializing all night long. 

Part of wedding etiquette for bride and groom is to decide what to do with the centerpieces. Typically, these decorations are purchased by the bride and groom so you will get the chance to decide who receives them. Since the wedding party works so hard to help you make this day special, you may want to give the centerpieces to the wedding party.

Above all the wedding etiquette customs, keep in mind that this will be one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Do the best you can to live in the moment while knowing that your quests are having a good time and most likely will not notice any tiny imperfections.

Special Situations: Wedding Etiquette for the Father and Stepfather 

One thing that both the bride and groom should take into consideration is the etiquette involving their relatives. Since parents take such an important role in your wedding day, when there is father and stepfather involved, a few challenging situations may arise. Questions such as, who walks the bride down the aisle or who will be part of the father-daughter dance may arise. The key of making you stepfather part of the celebration is to get them involved.

  • Consider having both, your father and stepfather walk the bride down the aisle. 
  • Ask your father and stepfather to be part of the family photo album
  • Make the first part of the father-daughter dance be with your dad and finish this celebratory moment with your stepfather. 
  • Place their names on the invitation to add that extra touch of love.

Special Situations: Wedding Etiquette for the Mother and Stepmother 

Just as with a father and stepfather, making sure that wedding etiquette for the mother and stepmother are both given proper consideration and allow them to focus on your joyful day. The relationship you have with both of them is different, unique and it may require special attention. The pressures of wedding decisions have the potential of affecting some of the strongest relationships you have with your loved ones. Here are a few suggestions to help you make each one of these women feel involved in your special day.

  • Start by expressing your vision for the wedding to both, your mom and your stepmom. The more they know, the less assumptions they will make.
  • Find places, times and opportunities to get them involved in your planning. Going wedding dress shopping, choosing bridesmaids jewelry or meeting them at the florist. Ultimately you make the final decision but having them there will be memorable.
  • Consider getting each one of them a special gift. Something that symbolizes your unique and special relationship with your mother and stepmother.

Every family is different and special in its own way. When you get stressed with trying to make everything perfect, remember why you are celebrating this once in a lifetime day in the first place. Pause long enough to look around and notice all the love that surrounds you. If you still feel overwhelmed, our wedding experts at Tiffany Ballroom by Four Points Sheraton Norwood are here to offer guidance.