5 Ways to Honor Mom on Your Big Day!

As you are planning your wedding, to honor mom or women who raised you can be an important sentiment in your big day.  Whether it is your biological mother, an aunt, grandmother, or someone who has stepped up into that “Mom” roll in your life, here are some ways to incorporate ‘Mom’ in your big day.

  1. Special Corsage or bouquet:  While there is a list of people who you will be ordering flowers for, make sure to pay special attention to what you pick out for Mom.  There is nothing holding you to picking the same flowers that you have for the rest of the wedding.  Consider including her favorite flower or colors into the corsage.  If you opt for a smaller bouquet for Mom to carry, wrapping the stem with an embroidered handkerchief or a lock with a photo in it are sentimental touches.
  2. Reserved Seating:  While reserving the front aisle at a ceremony is standard when it comes to parents seating.  At the Tiffany Ballroom, we take this a step further and reserve the best seat at the dining table to honor Mom.  Traditionally parents are part of the introductions to the reception, meaning they will be the last to arrive at their table.  The last thing you want is those people most important to you spending the night with their back to you!  Reserve a seat at the table with the best view of the newlyweds and the dance floor so Mom will not miss a minute of the excitement. 
  3. Walking down the aisle:  While traditionally this is an honor reserved for the Father of the Bride, or in Jewish faiths for both parents.  There is nothing saying you can’t have Mom walk you down the aisle regardless of your faith and situation!  If Dad still wants the main honor, have Mom stand up for a hug and great photo op at the end of the aisle before you join your beloved for the vows. 
  4. Honoring a Mom that has Passed: If your Mom is no longer with you, there are plenty of ways to honor her on your happy day.  Reserving a seat at the ceremony with a sign and a rose or small bouquet and even a frame on the chair is a way to feel her presence. Add a photo of Mom in a lock and wrap around your bouquet so she is always with you.  You can also create a Memory Table featuring candles and photos of lost loved ones. “We know you’d be here today if heaven weren’t so far away”
  5. A Special Dance With Mom: The Mother Son Dance is a moment most Mom’s dream about as they watch their baby boy grow up.  We asked DJ Jason from Paul Giroux Entertainment, what he thought were the most requested Mother Son dance songs are, in no particular order he said:
Photo: Berryphotos
  • My Wish – Rascal Flatts
  • What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  • I hope you Dance – Leanne Womack
  • Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Song for my son – Micki Verirck
  • Perfect Fan – Backstreet Boys
  • Song for my Mama – Boyz 2 Men

This special moment isn’t reserved only for the sons!  Pick a song that you and your mom love and have a special Mother Daughter dance, it can be fast or slow-whatever fits your relationship!

There are so many ways to honor Mom on your special day. These are a few of our favorites. However, if you do not see one that you love, we would enjoy dreaming up new and creative ones with you as you celebrate your special day with us at the Tiffany Ballroom at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood. We look forward to making your day beautifully, memorable!