Creative Wedding Guest Books

Wedding  guest books used to be small books with lined pages for those in attendance to sign as witnesses to your marriage. Now, like many traditions in wedding planning, wedding guest books have evolved to be a creative way to represent who you are as a couple. 

Couples are personalizing this wedding tradition and creating something that can be displayed, serving as a daily reminder of those who were in attendance at their wedding.  Regardless of what you and your partner choose to have as a wedding  guest book, have a sign explaining it to guests so that they know what to sign and where.  

Are you looking for some ideas that go above and beyond the traditional wedding guest book? Here are 8 great ideas for Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Books

Photo Wedding Guest Books 

There are a few ways to do this, you can make your own Custom Photo Wedding Guest Book using engagement photos (and/or other photos of you as a couple) and leave plenty of blank space for guests to write messages. You also can hire a photo booth and have guests sign their photos with a message for you and your partner to add to a scrapbook. Have duplicates of the photos printed and this can double as a favor for guests.

There is also the option of a Polaroid Scrapbook –  this is a fun, nostalgic DIY option of a photo wedding guest book. Provide guests with a Polaroid camera (and plenty of film!) and ask them to take a photo of themselves or together in groups. You can then have guests leave their photo, along with a short message in a scrapbook that will be a keepsake for so many years to come. Alternatively you can have guests clip their photo onto a board or wall to be put into an album or book at a later time.  

Your Favorite Game

This is a great idea for the couple who loves to host Game Night. Keep it simple and fun by having guests sign your favorite Game Board, individual Jenga blocks, or even a Cornhole Board. If you want to be even more unique, have a custom puzzle created and have guests sign the pieces. Every time you take out the game to play or puzzle to complete, it will bring back memories of your special day. Be sure to get the appropriate pens so that the signatures and messages will last thru the years!

An Item You Both Love, Something for Your Home

There are so many different options you can choose from for this option. There are the traditional choices such as platters, photo mats, and wooden boards with monograms. We have also seen a set of skis, a bowling ball, and even a set of Adirondack Chairs. For another fun version of this idea, you can provide guests with a basket of blank coasters (and permanent markers) at each table. Guests can jot down advice or funny memories. Leave a basket on one of your tables for guests to put them in so you don’t have to go around collecting them all at the end of the night. These will be a great memory, and you’ll definitely use them, especially in the first year as you get settled in together. 

Audio Phone Message Wedding Guest Books 

This is a wonderfully creative idea. Make a phone call with a telephone guest book! Guests can pick up the phone and leave a message for the couple. There are several companies that will ship and provide the phone – many times for free shipping! The audio recordings are usually digitized into a keepsake that can be listened to for years to come! There are even some companies that will press the recording into a vinyl record for a keepsake to display as well. 

Wishes or Messages in a Bottle (or other container)

Provide plenty of pens and cards or paper and ask guests to write messages of good will, to give little bits of marital advice, or to share funny memories with the couple. Although this guestbook gives your guests a lot of freedom and creativity in what they want to say, you can also provide some guidance for guest advice –  such as providing cards with specific anniversaries that you will open on those dates or having guests fill out a guided marital advice cards- they can get really fun. There are many variations of containers and message paper for this book, find something that is personal to you.

Shadow Box Art

These are usually a wooden shadow box and small items or tokens that guests can sign and then are dropped into the shadow box to be displayed behind a thick pane of glass. There are many different shapes, sizes and colors available for both the shadow box frame and wooden tokens, so you can find one that symbolizes the two of you as a couple. Another variation of this is having guests sign a small leaf or other token and attach it on to a signature tree. These treasures can be displayed for a lifetime.   

Coffee Table-Art Books/Other Books: 

Have your guests sign an atlas or a globe – especially if you are a travel loving couple – and highlight their favorite locations. Bonus, as this creates an instant bucket list for traveling! If you’re a Scrabble or Wordle loving couple (or even if not..) – you can set out felt pens and a dictionary. Leave a sign explaining to guests to circle a word that describes you two and sign. A fun idea if you’re having a destination wedding is to get a book of local art or photos, and have guests sign their well wishes on different pages. This will serve as a memory of the day, and of  the magical location you were celebrated together. 

Holiday Décor

This is especially popular for weddings scheduled around the holiday season. Whether you get married around the holidays or not, you can have guests sign glass ball ornaments and use them to decorate your first Christmas tree! Provide guests with permanent markers (or paint markers) so they can draw on or sign one. This is such a memorable idea, the ornaments may be so intricately decorated that they even take up a permanent residence on your tree each year!

These are just a few of the many different ideas on how you can commemorate and record your wedding day. Work with your wedding coordinator so they know how to get your idea all set up and have instructions easily viewable for guests. Pro tip – ask someone to write the first signature or piece of advice (even if it is just the date and some hearts or something generic) before guests even start showing up –  that way no guest will feel awkward being the first one to sign or participate.