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Venues Wedding Receptions Can Shine At: Selecting the Right Wedding Venue


Congratulations, you’re engaged!  Now the real fun starts – looking at venues wedding  planners recommend, as well as food, gowns, and all of the other elements weddings entail.  No doubt all of these elements and details can be, at times, a little overwhelming.  As you start planning, one of the first and probably most important decisions will be the ceremony and reception venue.  The venue you select is a critical element for setting for the wedding of your dreams.  The idea is to match the venue to your vision of the perfect wedding day.  Do you want a traditional wedding in a grand ballroom or a vintage wedding with lots of unique touches?  Real weddings can be just as amazing as the one you’ve always imagined.  Your wedding day should be an expression of who you are as a couple and how you want to celebrate this special day. So the question is – what is the right venue for you?


Tips for Finding the Right Venue

One of the first things a couple must do is come up with a realistic budget and only allocate 30% to 50% of this budget to the venue.  Don’t spend time looking at locations that are way out of your budget.  There are plenty of amazing places to get married in every price range. Check online and ask around for recommendations to help you create an initial list and then plan to go see each location in person.  Take with you someone who has a knack for party planning.  They may offer good insight and catch things you miss.

Destination Weddings

Sure, everyone dreams of a destination wedding.  Who wouldn’t love to say their vows on a beach in Bali or in Paris at the foot of the Eiffel Tower?  But are these venues wedding receptions can shine at?   Maybe.  Before getting your heart set on marrying abroad, make sure you are both comfortable with two important realities.  First, it will likely cost quite a bit more.  The trip may double as a honeymoon, but in reality most couples spend a lot more in total to get married far from home.  The second drawback is that your guest list will likely be very short.  Many family and friends simply won’t be able to join you.  However, intimate weddings can be very meaningful and you can always have a larger reception when you get back home.  No one can deny that destination weddings make for an unforgettable experience.

Wedding-venuesTraditional Weddings

When you close your eyes and picture your wedding day do you see a neighborhood chapel, a beautiful, white bridal gown, and all of your friends and family cheering as you throw the bouquet and cut the cake?  If so, your idea of venues wedding receptions are made for probably involves a spacious ballroom and grand décor.  Full-service hotels are great for all kinds of parties, banquet, and special occasions; but they definitely top the list for traditional weddings as well.  From the classic, elegant ambiance to the full staff at your service, you and your guests will feel like you’re in a fairy tale.  For example, a very popular spot for wedding receptions in the Boston is the Tiffany Ballroom at Four Points by Sheraton Norwood.  The Tiffany Ballroom has won the “Bride’s Choice Award” many times in a row and we even offer all-inclusive packages so you can have the perfect wedding reception without all the work.

Outdoor WeddingsVenue-for-wedding

Have you considered an outdoor wedding?  Why bring floral arrangements inside when you can have nature decorate for you?  While you will have to contend with unpredictable weather, even in warmer climates or during nicer times of the year, an outdoor wedding can be an amazing experience.  Some outdoor venues wedding experts recommend are parks, the beach, a mountain resort or even on a boat.  If you live close to a harbor or lake there are likely companies that rent boats or yachts for wedding receptions.  Some venues such as wineries, country clubs and hotels have both indoor and outdoor areas so you can have the best of both worlds.  If you do consider outdoor venues, wedding coordinators can help you devise a solid plan in case of less-than-perfect weather.  Check into weather-resistant rentals such as commercial-grade tents and have a backup plan in case Mother Nature does not cooperate.

Unique Venues Wedding Receptions Shine At

Do none of the venues wedding coordinators usually recommend appeal to you? While a traditional wedding is usually the picture most people have in their head…what if it’s just not for you?  Only the happy couple can decide what the perfect venue is.  Maybe you’re an art lover who wants to host a reception at an art gallery.  Or your significant other is crazy about animals and dreams about getting married at the zoo or the local aquarium.  Whether it’s in the restaurant where you first met or at the top of the Fanueil Hall, the most important thing is that you love it.

From a local wedding in a romantic courtyard to a huge celebration in a massive ballroom, the perfect venues wedding receptions shine at all depends on you.  Take your time and with a little patience you’ll find the best place to celebrate the first day of your married life.