Places for Wedding Receptions

Places for Wedding Receptions | The Tiffany Ballroom


Places-for-wedding-receptionsAre you looking for some fun, unique or romantic places for wedding receptions?  The best thing about planning a wedding is that there are many different options available.  A wedding can truly be customized to represent the culture, interests or personality of the couple getting married.  Once the ring is placed on your finger, it’s time to celebrate with your loved ones. Love the beach?  Have your guests kick of their shoes and join you for a wedding on the sand.  Have you dreamed of a huge wedding with all of your family and friends?  Reserve a grand ballroom and throw a wedding with the works.  Whether you want a small private soiree, a large event with the fanciest trimmings, or something in between you won’t have any trouble finding amazing places for wedding receptions.

How to Choose Places for Wedding Receptions

It’s your day – the day you marry your soul mate in front of all your family and friends. But before the bride and groom say “I do” there is a lot of planning to be done.  One of the most important decisions is where the reception will be held.  Most couples will choose between having the ceremony and reception at one location or two different locations, such as a church and reception hall.  Either way, you’ll have to choose a place for your reception.  Here are some considerations when choosing the right place.

  • Location – How far do you want your family and friends to have to travel? How far do you want to travel? Typically couples get married in their hometown or where they are living now, but before you make a final decision make sure those who matter most to you can be there. For example, if one of your parents is older or does not get around well you want to choose a location with easy access. If you want to allow kids, then make sure to choose a place that is kid-friendly.
  • Cost – A determining factor in your decision may be cost. Placing all of your hopes on one expensive location may lead to disappointment. While the views from that country club may be amazing, if you can only afford to invite 14 people to your reception it may be necessary to consider less expensive options. However, there are a few tricks to affording your first choice. Read on.
  • Date – Do you want to get married on a Saturday in June? Of course you do. Saturday weddings in June are the most popular time across the country, which means two things. First, you will pay more for this time slot. Second, you will have to reserve your location sooner. Many popular locations fill up over a year or two in advance. If you don’t want to wait or if you’re looking to save some money, book your wedding on a Friday or Sunday and ask about off-season prices.
  • Functionality – When looking for wedding reception places make sure to think through everything you want and need for your reception. Is there enough room for a dance floor? Where will the head table go? Are the bathrooms close by?
  • Photos – Although photo opportunities are not usually placed at the top of the priority list when booking a location, it is certainly a nice to have. Booking a venue with picturesque views or unique features will provide a great backdrop for your wedding pictures.

Inexpensive Wedding Receptions

The best places for wedding receptions are ones you can afford.  While many people feel comfortable stretching the budget for a wedding because after all, it is a very important day; many others would rather save some cash and instead invest in a new home or spend more on the honeymoon.  No matter what the reason is, many couples are looking for inexpensive places for wedding receptions.  Consider a public park, library or local venue that does not typically host wedding receptions.  Think about unique locations such as the local botanical gardens or a bed and breakfast.  Don’t discount having the reception at your home or a family member’s home.  With all of the money you’ll save on the location, you can spend a little more for decorations, catering and rentals.If you’re looking for inexpensive places for wedding receptions though, stay away from popular wedding venues and consider booking off-season.  Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Reception-locationsWedding Receptions at a Full-Service Hotel

Hotels are excellent places for wedding receptions because just about everything you need is already there.  Many hotels are quite accustom to hosting wedding receptions so it’s easy to plan the catering menu, decorations, centerpieces and more.  They’re also perfect for out-of-town guests because they can attend the reception without needing transportation back to where they’re staying.  For example, wedding receptions in Boston often take place at Four Points by Sheraton Norwood.  Our gorgeous hotel can accommodate parties of all sizes in the Tiffany Ballroom or in one of two junior ballrooms.  This grand, yet welcoming hotel has won the “Bride’s Choice Award” many times thanks to its spacious top-rate accommodations, friendly staff and expert party planning.   Consider a full-service hotel like ours if you want the wedding of your dreams without all the work.

Destination Weddings

Speaking of the wedding of your dreams, many couples love the idea of a destination wedding.  There are tons of amazing places for wedding receptions around the globe. From the beaches of Cabo to the breath-taking hotels in Niagara Falls, a destination wedding can be just about anywhere.  However, if this is the option you’re leaning towards you’ll have to make some sacrifices.  Obviously not everyone on your list of family and friends will be able to make it to wedding receptions far away.  If this is the case, consider having a reception back home after the wedding.  Also, destination weddings can be quite expensive since you’re paying for travel as well as the actual wedding.  But with some careful planning and flexibility, it is definitely possible to have the destination wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Receptions at Sea

Another popular option for wedding receptions is on a boat or yacht. If your wedding will take place near water, either the ocean or a large lake, there may be companies that rent out a boat for receptions.  Much like having the party in a hotel, if this is a common venue for receptions much of the work will already be done for you.  However, you’ll obviously want to take into account the weather before booking this type of venue.

wedding-Reception-placesWinery or Country Club

If you’re looking for a gorgeous location that your guest will love, you may want to consider a winery or country club.  Both locations have professional staff that is accustom to catering to large groups.  Often there will be an opportunity to be both inside and outside if you are planning the reception when the weather is nice.  This is a big advantage if you want to take pictures with beautiful scenery in the background or let the kids have some space to run around for a while.  Of course your wedding party will also have access to excellent wine and food choices.

Unique Places for Wedding Receptions

If all of the regular places for a reception are too common for you and your spouse-to-be, start thinking outside the box. What are your interests?  Animal lovers may look into having a party at a local zoo.  Think about hosting a reception in an art gallery or museum.  Or how about going somewhere that’s totally unique to you.  Equestrian Center? Bowling alley? Laser Tag?  Ask guests to dress up based on a theme like black/white, masquerade ball or period costumes.  Sure your new mother-in-law may not be too happy if you and your husband-be decide to have an 80s-themed wedding; but then again it is your day.  Just because most people throw a typical reception doesn’t mean you have to.

Your reception should be whatever you want it to be; whatever you think will be the most enjoyable way to celebrate your marriage.  Consider all your options and choose the one that will help you create the wedding reception of your dreams.