Tips for Setting Up Your Wedding Registry

As weddings are booking up for this year, with less planning time, it is the perfect time to talk about wedding registries.  Setting up a wedding registry is one of the most fun aspects of engagements (and something you can start doing online while stuck at home this season).

Where to start?

Once you’re engaged and starting to think about your life together, it’s a great time to sit down with your fiancé to figure out what your combined style will be.  Do you like to host a lot of parties? Or are you homebodies who love to watch movies cuddled under plush blankets? Love the outdoors and want to spend more time camping? There are wedding registry options to suit everyone’s styles.  From the traditional box stores like Target, Macy’s, William Sonoma or Crate and Barrel, to online giants like Amazon, Wayfair, outdoor stores like REI or a home improvement store, your options are endless.  

According to The Knot, between two and four registries is ideal.  This gives guests options and variety while still being manageable on your end. We recommend at least one of those being a major retailer that would be available nationwide.

Do a little research into individual stores’ registries to see what will best suit your needs but also be convenient for your guests if they do want to shop in person vs. online.  Does the store have the option to have the gift shipped directly to you? What is the return policy for registry items? Are there any perks or discounts for fulfilling the registry after the wedding?

Making your Wedding Registry List

Before you dive into the actual registry, look around your living space and make a list of what you both have.  What could be replaced (hello new sheets!) versus what you’d like to have?  Consider whether you need formal china and silverware or basic everyday dishes.  

setting up wedding registry

From here, you can talk about color schemes and patterns.  Do you have drawers full of mismatched flatware and kitchen utensils? Now is the perfect time for an upgrade.  Neutral colored bath towels are another item you can’t have enough of.  Catering Sales Manager Jayme says her most used wedding gift is her Calphalon pot and pan set. “I had always had roommates, so I never invested in a good set of cookware. These are amazing and get used pretty much every day”

It’s ok to lean away from traditional registry items if they just aren’t your style, or you don’t think you’ll use them.  But remember that your lives may change and that serving platter you don’t need for the two of you, may come in handy for big family meals in the future!  

Ask your Tribe

Ask your married friends what they would or wouldn’t register for in hindsight may give you a good idea of what should be on your ‘must have’ list.  Senior Catering Sales Manager Mindy, recommends adding a good set of luggage, “We love to travel; so, ultra-light suitcases with hard sides and 360-degree wheels are a must have in my opinion.  The two separate compartments makes packing easier, and the lightweight design means I can pack more! Add in some packing cubes and you’ll be packed and on your way to your honeymoon with ease”

Checking It Twice

Once you’ve decided on where you are going to register and what you think you need, it’s time to set up the registry.  If you are going into the store to register make sure to bring your list. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and start adding away.  Some stores have a designated associate that can assist you, while others have handheld scanners that allow you to scan each item you’d like.  Either way, make sure you go back online and check the registry to ensure everything you want is on there and there are no scary surprises!

wedding registry list

Look again and make sure you have items in every price range.  It’s ok to have a few high-ticket items, but you don’t want to fill your wedding registry with items that may be out of your guest’s price range.  Remember, this will serve for both your wedding shower as well as the big day!

Alternative Wedding Registries

If your house is full and you can’t think of much else you need, consider setting up a honeymoon fund through your travel agent or online registry.  Asking for money directly is frowned upon but asking for experiences is a different story.  Whether it’s a wine dinner in Tuscany, dinner on the beach in the Bahamas or a sunset sail in Hawaii, you’ll always think back to the person who made that possible for you. 

Set it and Forget it? Or stalk away

Once you set up your registry there is a huge temptation to start checking every day to see if any gifts are bought.  It can be exciting to see things checked off! While it is important to keep an eye on the registry in case you need to add different items, or things go out of stock, it does take the element of surprise away for your shower.  If you don’t want to keep checking, ask a trusted friend or family member to check in for you. They can let you know if items are running low, and you’ll still get the anticipation and surprise at your shower.

And, the number one thing to remember…..have fun! This should be an enjoyable step to starting your lives together!Have more questions about wedding planning? Our Catering Managers are standing by to assist. Contact us today!