Five Ways to Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to dedicate this blog to all the Dads, Father-In-laws, Grandpas and all those men who stepped up  to help raise us!

Father's Day

Apart from Father’s Day, here are five ways to incorporate the man who has been there for you from the very beginning.

  1. First Look: For a Dad, there is probably no day that will evoke the same emotion as watching his little girl get married.  A newer trend that we just love, is when the bride does a first look with her Dad.  This special moment gives Dad a first glimpse of his daughter in her wedding day attire and can be an emotional time for both of you!  
  2. Walking Down the Aisle: This can apply for both brides and grooms! While, historically, it is the Father of the Bride who has the important job of walking the bride down the aisle; in some cultures it is customary for the groom’s parents to get the same honor.  Regardless of your faith, including both Dads in the ceremony is a great way to incorporate them.  If you have multiple people that have filled the Dad roll for you-it’s ok to incorporate all of them!  Consider having each one of them walk you part of the way down the aisle until you reach your love.
  3. Reserved Seating: This applies for both the ceremony as well as the reception.  Reserving seats in the front row of the ceremony for Dad is a must do!  Consider also asking your reception venue to reserve seats for your parents at their dining table.  This way, they are guaranteed the best seat at the tables, even though they are last to be seated.  If your Dad is no longer with us, having a special seat reserved in his honor is a nice memorial and reminder that he is always with you.
  4. A Special Gift: If you search Pinterest for ‘Father of the Bride’ or ‘Father of the Groom’ gifts, you’ll be flooded with inspiration.  From an embroidered handkerchief, custom cufflinks or a pocket watch with a photo, the possibilities are endless.  Consider any hobbies your Dad has, or any common interests or inside jokes you have when selecting a gift.  You’ll want to give Dad something to commemorate this most special day.
  5. Father Daughter Dance:  If swaying back and forth to “Butterfly Kisses” isn’t your idea of a special dance, that’s ok.  Whether there is another song that has special meaning to you, or if you want to surprise and delight everyone with a choreographed number-this moment should reflect your personality and relationship.  

If you are looking for ways to celebrate your Dad at your reception, apart from Father’s Day, we’d be happy to help! Give us a call at 781-255-3159 or email us at And, most importantly, Happy Father’s Day to that special man in your life that helped raise you!!