Tiffany Ballroom Reimagined

We are very excited to announce the completion of our renovation project of the Tiffany Ballroom, terrace, and foyer. The “Tiffany Ballroom Reimagined” offers our guests a comfortable and stylish space to host a wedding. The new look features a brighter, modern atmosphere incorporating touches of blues, greys, and gold.

The terrace and foyer now feature a lovely new patterned carpet of varying shades of blues and greys. All of the current artwork has been replaced, and new chairs and furniture give the space a more open feel. We have also added new curtains, elegant white lighting fixtures, and grey seating to match.

The Tiffany Ballroom has a a fresh look with silver tinted textured wallpaper and grey and white window treatments with both sheers and blackout curtains. Additionally, this space offers a dark blue carpet to line the room while an additional blue and grey patterned carpet is in the center of the Ballroom. We have also replaced all banquet chairs with a sleek pale gold chair.

The Essex and Lennox rooms have been transformed to match the Tiffany Ballroom. Additionally, the space highlights modern silver light fixtures and beautiful gold framed mirrors.