Tips on the do’s and don’ts of what to do when you’re first engaged

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It’s Engagement Season!  According to Wedding Wire, pre-Covid, 40% of engagements happened between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, so if you got a sparkly surprise over the holidays or are expecting one in your future, read on for some tips on the do’s and don’ts of what to do when you’re first engaged:

DO: Tell your family and close friends personally before posting the news on social media.  These people have been there for you through all the important moments in your life thus far, they will want to hear about this special moment directly from you.

DON’T: Take everyone’s opinions and comments to heart when you are first engaged.  This is your day, and while you’ll need to appease some others (especially if they are contributing financially) this day should be about you and your partner.  It’s ok to not include others in every detail of the planning process. 

But DO make sure to include your parents and make them feel special, they probably have been dreaming about this day since you were little.  Set boundaries for what areas you feel comfortable sharing and then decide as a couple on the rest. 

DON’T: Feel rushed to decide on who will be in your wedding party (or any other major decisions), especially if you have a year or more to plan.  These are important decisions you’ll want to really think about!

DO: Take some time to figure out the basics before reaching out to vendors.  When you are first engaged, sit down with your fiancé and decide on a budget and an idea of what is most important to you for the big day. If you have a family who will contribute financially to the reception, they may have opinions as well.  Have a rough idea of how many guests you’ll be having, what seasons or dates you want before you start reaching out to venues.

DON’T feel like you must be locked into traditions.  Whether you are dreaming of getting married outdoors by a close family friend, or want to have a mixed gendered wedding party, there is nothing wrong with breaking out of the traditional wedding mold. Make the day all about the two of you!

When you’re ready to start planning your big day, reach out, we’d love to help.  

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