Planning a Bridal Shower in MA

If you have said yes to being in a wedding party, planning a bridal shower for the bride to be is typically part of your responsibilities.  There are many things to consider when you begin your planning.

planning a bridal shower in MA

WHO IS HOSTING THE BRIDAL SHOWER? Will the bridesmaids be splitting the overall costs and responsibilities, or will the parents be contributing funds as well? Having a rough idea of how much you can spend will determine the venue and scope of your planning. In order to avoid conflict later, it is important to have everyone on board before you start planning the bridal shower.  If you are in charge of collecting money from others, set a deadline on when you need the funds, which gives yours enough time so you aren’t stuck footing the bill alone.

WHO IS ATTENDING THE BRIDAL SHOWER? For this, you need to determine whether the shower will be a surprise or not.  If the shower isn’t a surprise, get a list from the couple of who they would like invited to the shower. If it is a surprise, enlist the help of her fiancé or perhaps a parent to come up with the list. Make sure there is a plan in place for the bride to show up dressed appropriately, or for someone to have an outfit and hair/makeup on standby! If the family is out of state, you may find that a second shower or a work shower may be needed.  When having multiple showers, guest lists should not overlap.

WHERE & WHEN WILL THE BRIDAL SHOWER TAKE PLACE? Wedding showers typically take place 2-3 months before the wedding. When planning a bridal shower, send invites 4-6 weeks prior to the date.  Depending on your budget and guest list, you can the shower at someone’s home, in a restaurant or a banquet facility. Keep the bride’s tastes in mind when determining your location. After all, this day is all about her!

planning a shower

WHAT ABOUT BRIDAL SHOWER INVITATIONS? Once you’ve determined your guest list, selected a location and a date, it’s time to pick out invitations.  If you are having a specific theme, carry this through in your invitation.  Make sure to include gift registry information, RSVP information and any additional information for guests to know.  If the couple is living out of state, it is good to request that gifts be mailed to their home address.

WHAT IS THE BRIDAL SHOWER THEME? Think of what the bride’s likes and dislikes are and try to plan a theme accordingly.  If your bride doesn’t like being the center of attention, consider not having her open gifts at the shower or ask for unwrapped gifts to cut down on waste.  This leaves time for you to have activities planned for the shower.  We have seen everything from paint classes to wine and cheese pairing.  If you want to have a more traditional event where the bride opens gifts while guests watch, including some games into the day creates interest and excitement for guests.  Gift bingo or having gift baskets to give out to whoever gift the bride is opening when a timer goes off, are fun ways to keep guests engaged in the process. 

shower bridal

DÉCOR & MORE?   Your décor will most likely be based on a theme, although going with a simple color scheme is fine too! You’ll want to plan for centerpieces for each dining table and consider additional décor for the rest of the space.  The hottest trend this year is balloon swags in coordinating colors.  Since these use air rather than helium, the cost is low, while the impact is high.  They are time consuming to put together, so make sure to have a plan in place on whether you need to transport it, or if you can arrive early to the venue to set up.  Giving guests who attend a small favor is customary.  If you are having a theme, you can tie the favors in it.  Or, simply, choose an item most will like, from ice cream scoops to OPI nail polish with files and bath bombs to colorful umbrellas.  
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