Having an unplugged wedding

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen many pictures of our signs asking guests to take a few moments to ‘unplug’ and enjoy the ceremony.  With our digital world, social media and instant access to pretty much everything, it’s nice to take a few minutes to truly be present in one of the most important moments in life.


If you’re looking to have an unplugged wedding, make sure to plan how this will be communicated to your guests.  If you have a wedding website, you will want to include a note alerting guests of your wishes.  Then, at the ceremony, you will want to plan to have a large sign at the end of the aisle asking guests to put away their phones.  Searching on Etsy or Pinterest will give you endless options for phrasing this.  You’ll, also, want to make sure your unplugged wedding request is visible to everyone entering.  Including this on a program and asking your officiant to make an announcement just before the ceremony begins will remind everyone of your unplugged wedding request.  Hopefully, guests will respect your decision and enjoy a few moments of total focus.

No Distractions

We’ve all been there – the officiant asks guests to silence or turn off their phones before the ceremony begins, then in the middle of the ceremony a phone rings or starts buzzing creating a distraction for everyone and truly ruining the moment.  Or, maybe you make it through the whole ceremony without a rogue ringing phone, but your view is blocked but multiple cell phones taking photos, video or livestreaming the day.  All this may seem innocent, but when guests start getting in the way of the professional photographer or videographer, or you have a sea of cell phones in every ceremony photo, it’s certainly not ideal. Having an unplugged wedding makes everyone present now.

Meaningful Moments

When you look out at the crowd of guests as you’re getting married, what do you want to see? Most likely, you are thinking of the faces of your friends and family smiling back at you in support, not the back of their cell phones.  You’ll have their full attention as you commit your love to each other as they will not be distracted by texting or scrolling through social media.  What an amazing moment that will be for you to look back at and remember years later.

While we live in a world where many overshare on social media, not everyone wants to have each and every moment recorded.  There is something endearing about having your ceremony only be recorded by the professionals rather than being live streamed or posted all over social media as it happens.  Or, perhaps, it’s simply wanting to be the first one to have wedding photos up on Instagram.  Whatever your reasoning, asking your guests to take a few moments to truly unplug is a great way to begin your journey as a husband and wife.

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