Fast forward to a month after your reception, what is the one thing you want your guests to walk away saying? That’s where we start. Whether it’s the delectable food with guests continuing to crave our signature recipes, a packed dancefloor where the crowd cheers for one more song, or that your most discerning guests were blown away by the attentive staff, we can deliver…and have, time after time!

From our seasoned executive chef, to our gracious banquet staff, to our hard-working banquet managers, the Tiffany Ballroom team is the reason for our continued success! The entire team holds a love for events and a spirit dedicated to hospitality and providing a fantastic, customized experience for every guest attending your event.

Mindy Keyes, Director of Catering Sales

“Mindy was PHENOMENAL! She was so responsive, helpful, and understanding of every question and need.” 

A Certified Marriott Wedding Planner, Mindy has been a catering sales manager at the Tiffany Ballroom since 2007, growing into the senior position in 2016 and becoming Director of Catering in 2022. She has a passion for all things weddings and a love for personalizing each and every detail, from flowers to wedding favors, that goes into crafting a couple’s perfect wedding day. Over her many years, Mindy has enjoyed seeing couples return to the Tiffany Ballroom after wedding day to plan anniversaries and even baby showers! She holds a degree in art and art history, aiding in her ability to design a truly stunning and memorable event. In her free time Mindy loves to travel, some of her favorite destinations include Disney and island hopping in Hawaii.

Jayme Dalipovic, Catering Sales Manager

“Jayme… was a dream to work with. She answered all of our questions and made sure the event was a breeze and exactly what we envisioned.” 

Jayme began working at the Tiffany Ballroom in 2011 as a banquet manager. She has a passion for wedding planning and a desire to support couples during every step of their journeys – from engagement to saying “I do”. In 2015 she transitioned into a catering sales manager role to further pursue this passion. Since then she has assisted countless couple’s plan their perfect day, receiving rave reviews for her keen attention to detail. Jayme holds a culinary degree and in her free time she loves to cook and bake. Her favorite thing to cook is Italian cuisine. Fun fact: Mindy and Jayme have worked together since 2006, making them a perfect team for your upcoming wedding!


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