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Venue Wedding Reception
Venue Wedding Reception.  Images by: Berryphotos Weddings-Portraits

If you’re getting married soon, then you are likely in full wedding planning mode. From the bridesmaid’s dresses to the flavor of the cake filling, you want every detail to be just right. Before you get too far into your wedding plan it will be necessary to research venues for the wedding reception.

A venue wedding reception checklist is a very helpful tool when you’re trying to narrow down your options and it will ensure that all of your important questions answered up front.

The Basics

Before delving too far into planning and price negotiation for weddings and receptions, it is important to weed out the locations that just won’t work; whether they’re too small, too expensive or just not available. Start your venue wedding reception checklist with these basic questions:

  • What dates/times are available around the weekend I’m considering?
  • How many people can this venue accommodate?
  • What is the cost? Make sure to ask about and include any extras such as rental fees.
  • Do you have an event coordinator, and if so, exactly what services are provided?
Venue Wedding Receptions
Venue Wedding Receptions


Other than the cost of the venue wedding reception, budgets are largely taken up by food and alcohol. If you’re hoping to cut some corners or if you have specific ideas of what you want, ask about availability and pricing for food and alcohol.

  • Is there an in-house caterer/bartender?
  • Do I have the option of using an outside vendor?
  • If I hire my own caterer/bartender, what facilities are available?
  • What is the food and beverage cost on a per/person basis?
  • Can I bring my own alcohol and is there a corkage fee if I do?
  • Will I have to rent tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware or are they included?


Before deciding on a venue wedding reception, think about what type of entertainment you want and make sure it’s feasible at the location you choose.

  • Do you have preferred entertainment vendors? Can I hire my own?
  • Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band?
  • Are there restrictions on what kind of music I can play, or a time by which the music must end?
  • Can the venue accommodate a dance floor? How many people will it hold?
  • What facilities are available in terms of lighting or music equipment?


As you start to firm up your agenda for the day, you may realize you have more questions regarding venue wedding reception logistics. Get these questions answered ahead of time so you don’t end up scrambling right before the wedding.

  • Exactly how long will I have use of the space? Is there a fee if I stay longer?
  • Are there weddings or receptions before or after mine?
  • Is there complimentary parking or valet parking on site? What is the charge?
  • If I hire my own vendors, what time can they start setting up on the wedding day?
  • Are table linens and floral arrangements available?
  • When can I enter the space to begin decorating?
  • What overnight accommodations do you provide or what are the nearest hotels to the venue?
  • Is there a place where we can take photos?
  • How many restrooms are there? (A good rule of thumb is 4 restrooms per 100 people.)
  • Is there a bride’s changing area?
  • Is there a space where my guests can mingle before the reception?
  • What’s your weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?

Consider All Inclusive Packages

As you can see, there are many considerations when selecting a wedding venue that can make life easier during the planning process, The Tiffany Ballroom at the Four Points Sheraton Norwood offers all-inclusive packages that can be tailored to your specific needs, including 5-hour room rental , champagne, innovative menus, gorgeous floral centerpieces, bartender service, real butter cream wedding cake, butler-passed hors d’ouevres, elegant table linens, a complimentary overnight guestroom for the bride and groom, and more.