Planning a Kosher Weddings in Massachusetts- without sacrificing style

Jewish weddings are full of special traditions, from the Ketubah signing and Bedeken through the traditional ceremony and reception to follow.  While it can often be challenging to find a stylish location that can accommodate all these items and still allow for kosher dining needs, the Tiffany Ballroom at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood has it all. 

Along with one of our approved Kosher Caterers, the Tiffany Ballroom is here to make your dream traditional Jewish wedding a reality.

Before the Ceremony


When booking the Tiffany Ballroom at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood, the full use of the Ballroom area is available to you.  The Lennox Room is a perfect place for you to host your Ketubah signing.  Surrounded by a small group of close family and friends, you’ll have ample space to sign your marriage document with your witnesses. For the Bedeken, or veiling ceremony, our Essex room is available right next to the Lennox Room.



Whether you choose to get married indoor in our spacious airy Foyer, or outdoors on our Tiffany Wedding pavilion, there is ample space to perform all the traditional elements of the ceremony under your chuppah. 

Oftentimes, your rabbi or family member may have a portable chuppah you can borrow where you can have four close friends or family members hold the posts throughout the ceremony. 

If you are looking for something different, our florist, Flowers and More in Walpole, has options from traditional to modern that can be adorned with fresh flowers. 

As you break the glass and your guests erupt in the cheer “Mazel Tov!”, our staff will be there to usher guests to cocktail hour.

If you choose, we’ll usher the bride and groom off for the Yichud back in the Lennox room, then it’s off to the cocktail hour!
Kosher cuisine


The Tiffany Ballroom works with two of the top Kosher caterers in the area who will develop a menu to suit all of your dietary needs.  Whether you choose to have a meat or dairy event,  your guests can enjoy a selection of stationary and passed hors d ’Oeuvres before moving onto the main course of either a buffet or plated meal, all under the careful supervision of the Mashgiach and served by our attentive waitstaff. 


Hold Your Jewish Wedding Reception at the Tiffany Ballroom


The Tiffany Ballroom at Four Points Norwood has numerous advantages for couples planning their traditional Jewish wedding in Massachusetts; from gourmet cuisine provided by one of our approved Kosher caterers, ample space for traditional services, on site photo locations, the availability of discounted overnight accommodations (super helpful for relatives who are worn out from dancing the hora) and a helpful, knowledgeable staff who stand ready to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.  We’re here to show, there is no reason to sacrifice style to get your dream kosher wedding!

Planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

You’ve got your date from the Temple, now what? Most likely, you’ll be looking at a date two to three years in the future and wondering what to do next.  Your temple or tutor will give you instructions on what you need to do to get your son and daughter ready for the service but how will you celebrate after?

Where to start

To start, try to come up with a rough guest list, understanding that the number of kids you’ll be inviting may change as your daughter or son changes grades and classes.  Having a rough idea of how many adults and how many kids you’ll be inviting will be helpful in determining the size of the space you’ll need.  At the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood we have accommodations for from 50 up to 450 with dancing.

After you’ve determined the size of party you’ll have, it is a good idea to sit down and figure out a budget.  You may find, after reaching out to vendors that you’ll need or want to adjust this, but a starting point will help guide what type of celebration you will choose.

Think about the type of party you’d like to have.

Afternoon affairs have been increasingly popular at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood.  Since afternoon is a non-peak time, the minimum spending and package prices are a bit lower, allowing you to have more money to spend on extra party enhancements.  With black out drapes in the Ballroom, the party atmosphere won’t suffer just because the sun it still out!  With overnight accommodations, an indoor pool, onsite bar and restaurant, your out of town guests will have plenty to do after the party ends.

Evening affairs are also a popular option, and generally a bit more elaborate.  With our Zachariah Dining room having seating up to 130 guests with dancing, or our Tiffany Ballroom having seating for 150-450 guests with dancing, you have great options available.  With doing an evening affair you’ll have time in between the temple and the party to have family photos taken, or to simply take a break! You’ll also want to plan to have a kiddush for guests at the temple.

Then what?

Reach out to vendors: it is important to line up your venue, entertainment company and photographer early as they book quickly.  If you are considering hiring a décor company, this should be done early as well.  Ask your Catering Sales Manager for recommendations, we have a list of great vendors we can refer you to!

The waiting game.

Once you get the leg work done and have your major vendors booked, you enter the waiting phase.  While you may be eager to start planning decorations, invitations and all the fun details, we’ve seen many, many times, where preteens interests and ideas for a theme change, sometimes multiple times throughout the planning process.  Try to hold off till the one-year mark before making these decisions.

To theme or not to theme?

Over the past few years we have seen a shift in this topic.  While in the past, every party had a very clear theme whether it be sports, Broadway musicals, hit moves, shopping/fashion or board games, we are now also seeing more celebrations focusing on a color scheme rather than a specific theme.  Regardless of whether your child wants a theme or not, we’re here to help you tie in each aspect of your event.  From recommendations for centerpieces and décor, to customizing menu items, the Catering Sales team at the Four Points by Sheraton are here to assist in putting together your vision.

Planning an Intimate Wedding in Massachusetts

Planning an Intimate Wedding in Massachusetts

If the covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is to hold our loved ones close.  While many who were planning to have a wedding in 2020 have decided to postpone till next year, there is no reason you need to wait to marry the love of your life.  At the Tiffany Ballroom, we are here to help you plan an intimate ceremony and wedding dinner with some of your closest friends and family, and, if you’d like, a larger reception at a later date.

Following Massachusetts state guidelines, the Tiffany Ballroom can now accommodate wedding events from 20-22 people.  From an on-site ceremony on the outdoor pavilion, your guests will be ushered into half of the Grand Tiffany Ballroom for an intimate dinner.  Guests will enjoy a champagne toast to the newlyweds, hors d ’Oeuvres and cocktails brought to their seats by our staff. Following, a delectable four course dinner with the quality cuisine we are known for.  Finish the evening with a slice of wedding cake from Dessert Works Bakery.

 With enhanced safety protocols in place, you and your guests can be at ease to enjoy your evening of celebration.

Here are just a few of the things we are doing to ensure a comfortable and safe environment:

  • Events will be limited to 20-22 guests based on the latest state guidelines.
  • Our staff will be wearing masks, and all guests will be required to except while at their tables eating or drinking.
  • Food stations have been eliminated, and replaced with additional passed hors d’Oeurves…who doesn’t love more choices??
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the event space including all entrances/exits.
  • Following Massachusetts state guidelines, we are seating no more than 6 guests per table and spacing seats apart appropriately.
  • Cocktail service will be provided for your guests to avoid bar lines
  • While dancing is not allowed in this phase, our integrated Bose speaker system is ready for any awesome playlist you provide!

If you don’t want to wait another day to say ‘I Do’ to your true love, give us a call at 781-255-3159 or email us at

Click Here to see our Intimate Wedding Packages

Tiffany Ballroom Reimagined

We are very excited to announce the completion of our renovation project of the Tiffany Ballroom, terrace, and foyer. The “Tiffany Ballroom Reimagined” offers our guests a comfortable and stylish space to host a wedding. The new look features a brighter, modern atmosphere incorporating touches of blues, greys, and gold.

The terrace and foyer now feature a lovely new patterned carpet of varying shades of blues and greys. All of the current artwork has been replaced, and new chairs and furniture give the space a more open feel. We have also added new curtains, elegant white lighting fixtures, and grey seating to match.

The Tiffany Ballroom has a a fresh look with silver tinted textured wallpaper and grey and white window treatments with both sheers and blackout curtains. Additionally, this space offers a dark blue carpet to line the room while an additional blue and grey patterned carpet is in the center of the Ballroom. We have also replaced all banquet chairs with a sleek pale gold chair.

The Essex and Lennox rooms have been transformed to match the Tiffany Ballroom. Additionally, the space highlights modern silver light fixtures and beautiful gold framed mirrors.

Wedding in MA – The Perfect Reception for an MA Wedding

There are some moments in life where everything must be perfect. Your wedding day is one of those moments. From the flowers and the décor to the menu and the music; every detail is important when planning the perfect reception for a wedding in MA. After all, this is an important day that you will remember forever – so why not make it perfect?

Finding the Perfect Reception Location in MA

Weddings in MA are breathtaking. Whether your reception is outside on a crisp fall day, in a cozy chapel on a cool winter’s evening, or even aboard a yacht in the harbor on a warm summer day; Massachusetts has so many unique reception sites to offer. When planning a wedding in MA it is important to consider all of your options and then begin to research each one. Ask for recommendations from family and friends, especially if you know someone who has planned a similar event recently.

The Tiffany Ballroom - The Perfect Wedding Location in MA

Once you have a good list of possibilities, it’s time, if possible, to visit each one. Interview the person who will be your contact and ask every question you can think of. Don’t discount a general gut feeling about each location. If you aren’t comfortable with the coordinator or if it doesn’t feel quite right – keep looking.

When researching locations, you should compare them based on location, size, cost and available extras. For example, a quote from one location may be less expensive, but if they are not including extra fees for rentals, parking, and so on, you may not be comparing apples to apples. Make sure to ask a lot of questions so you clearly understand what each location is offering and at what price.

Planning the Perfect Wedding in MA

After you’ve settled on the perfect wedding reception location, it’s time to start planning. Of course you will shop for a bridal gown, pick out bridesmaids’ dresses, and eventually schedule your hair and makeup appointments, but the wedding planning that will take up most of your time will be the ceremony and reception. Here are some great tips for having the perfect wedding in MA.

  • Start with a budget and stick to it. Nothing ruins the perfect wedding in MA faster than stressing about paying the bill.
  • Create a theme. It may be as simple as a color scheme or as elaborate as a winter wonderland. Either way, a theme will unite and personalize the location and the entire event.
  • Plan a very specific agenda for the entire day. Include as much detail as you can and make sure every person who has a role in the event receives a copy.
  • Make sure to get everything in writing, from the venue booking to the agreement with the photographer.
  • Let family and friends help! If you’re a bad delegator, now is the time to let that go.
  • On that note – consider a full-service option. It will likely be less expensive, easier on everyone involved and still fabulous. After all, the wedding professionals do this for a living.

The Tiffany Ballroom

Brides in Mass. when researching venues quickly find that one of the most romantic venues in the area is the Tiffany Ballroom at Four Points by Sheraton Norwood. Every bride has a vision of what her perfect wedding looks like and the stunning 7,000 square foot Tiffany Ballroom will not disappoint. It seats up to 450 dinner guests and comes complete with a spacious foyer for pre-dinner mingling, first-rate catering, and the perfect ambiance. If you are planning a smaller soirée, the Essex and Lenox junior ballrooms are also available. Enjoy a more intimate location with the same breathtaking ambiance.

The Tiffany Ballroom - The Perfect Reception Location in MA

The wedding coordinators at the Tiffany Ballroom will make your dreams of the perfect celebration a reality by helping you plan out each and every detail. Which vendors will be responsible for catering, photography, and entertainment? Will you need to rent linens, who will handle the flowers, and where will the head table go? From wedding accessories to the first dance; the staff at the Sheraton Norwood can help you make it a perfect day.

The Tiffany Ballroom at Four Points by Sheraton Norwood is also conveniently located in Mass. near Amtrak stations, major freeways and Logan Airport. Plan your perfect wedding in MA at The Tiffany Ballroom.

Bridal Wedding: A Checklist of Items to Consider | The Tiffany Ballroom

If you’re planning a bridal wedding, there are likely a million things running through your mind. From bridal bouquets and rings to catering and DJs, there are a lot of important items on your bridal to-do list. If you are not even sure where to start; you’ve come to the right place.


The most important thing when planning weddings is to stay organized. Make a comprehensive list and keep referring to it as all of the pieces come into place. Ideally, you should give yourself a year or more to plan a wedding, especially if you have a specific location in mind. Here is a helpful wedding checklist of things to do as you countdown to your big day.


First Things First

The ring is on and the engagement is official. Now for the fun part – planning the wedding! The very first things a bride and groom-to-be should do are:

  • Pick a wedding date.
  • Choose the ceremony and reception location.
  • Select your wedding party.


1 Year Before the Wedding

Bride holding flowers at the Tiffany Ballroom
Image by: Berryphotos Weddings-Portraits

This is the time to start brainstorming. Grab some bridal wedding magazines, start looking at designer bridal gowns, and get the ideas flowing. These items should be first on your bridal to-do list.

  • Set a wedding budget.
  • Start the guest list.
  • Create a bridal wedding binder for all important information.
  • Consider hiring a wedding planner.
  • Decide on an officiant who performs weddings.
  • Start collecting recommendations for photography, bridal florists and caterers.


6 to 9 Months Before the Wedding

At this point your wedding plans are taking shape. Now it’s time to roll up your bridal sleeves and get to work.

  • Shop for a bridal wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.
  • Reserve the photographer, videographer, caterer, and entertainment.
  • Reserve a block of hotel rooms if you have out-of-town guests.
  • Register for wedding presents at three or four stores.
  • Create a wedding website.
  • Order wedding invitations.
  • Start planning the honeymoon.


3 to 6 Months Before the Wedding

The big day is getting closer. Keep checking items off your bridal to-do list and start getting excited.

  • Send save-the-date cards.
  • Book location for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Book a bridal florist.
  • Order the cake.
  • Buy bridal wedding shoes, bridal accessories and start dress fittings.
  • Schedule bridal hair and makeup appointments.
  • Meet with the DJ or band and choose your music. Select specific songs for events such as the first dance and cake cutting.
  • Reserve the tuxes for the groom and his groomsmen.
  • Order wedding favors and bridal party gifts.
  • Purchase bride and groom wedding rings.


1 to 2 Months Before the Wedding

Time to put the finishing touches on your wedding plan. Everything should be scheduled, reserved and planned; you’re just wrapping up the final tasks.

  • Send out the wedding invitations 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding.
  • Mail rehearsal dinner invitations.
  • Count RSVPs and follow up with people who have not responded.
  • Finalize the catering menu and flowers.
  • Get marriage license.
  • Schedule last bridal dress fitting and make sure the skirt fits properly with shoes on.
  • Make sure bridesmaids’ dresses are ready.
  • Purchase bridesmaids’ gifts.


Week of the Wedding

Bride and Groom celebrating at the Tiffany Ballroom

Buckle up and take a deep breath. The week before the wedding will feel like it zooms by in a day, but thanks to your good planning everything will be organized and ready.

  • Send a timeline and all contact info to the bridal party.
  • Write checks for the vendors and put tips in envelopes.
  • Delegate small wedding day tasks like bringing the bridal bouquet, getting the gifts or handing out tips.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.


The Big Day

Now that you’ve planned your wedding day to perfection, just remember to pause every so often to enjoy one of the happiest days of your life.




The Perfect Reception Banquet Hall is Here | The Tiffany Ballroom

If you’re looking for the perfect reception banquet hall for a special event, look no further than the exquisite Tiffany Ballroom or one of our four other event spaces located at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, a corporate event, or other social functions; you’ll find the ambiance, staff, and accommodations second to none in all of our ballrooms and event spaces.

The Tiffany BallroomThe Tiffany Ballroom at Four Points by Sheraton Norwood - The Perfect Reception Banquet Hall

With grand, lofty ceilings and alabaster chandeliers, The Tiffany Ballroom is sure to impress even the most discerning guests. The ballroom comfortably hosts parties up to 450 dinner guests or standing cocktail receptions up to 1,000. If you’re planning on a smaller group, it is possible to reserve half of the Tiffany Ballroom.

Learn more about the Tiffany Ballroom.

The Essex and Lennox Junior Ballrooms

The Essex and Lenox junior ballrooms are available if you’re booking for groups as small as 30 guests. When booking an event in either junior ballroom, you can be sure that Four Points by Sheraton Norwood will help you host an intimate, yet unforgettable event.

Learn more about our Junior Ballrooms.

The Wedding Pavilion at The Tiffany Ballroom at Four Points by Sheraton Norwood - The perfect reception banquet hallTiffany Pavilion

This gorgeous and versatile pavilion is just the fit for a unique and memorable event venue. Spanning 2,000 square feet including beautiful landscaping, a fire pit, and an integrated portable Bose sounds system, The Tiffany Pavilion is the perfect fit for any occasion. Enjoy this outdoor reception area along with space in Tiffany Ballroom for an event guests won’t soon forget.

Learn more about the Tiffany Pavilion.


Our chic dining room on site that can meet all your needs with stunning features, innovative menu options, fine wines, and champagnes. The space features a hip custom color glass wall and built-in curvaceous serving bar that will delight guests. Zachariah’s is the perfect reception banquet hall for intimate event hosting 50 to 125 guests.

Learn more about Zachariah’s Dining Room.


Whether you’re planning a large or intimate event, our staff will go above and beyond to help bring your dreams alive. Throw an amazing reception in one of these reception banquet halls complete with top-notch catering. Whether you need a custom design for your wedding cake or you have other banqueting needs, our catering staff and vendors aim to please. Make your receptions, banquets, and important events special.

Interested in learning more? Contact us with questions and to reserve The Tiffany Ballroom today at (781) 255-3159 or via email today.

Reception Halls – Choosing a Post-Ceremony Reception Hall Venue | The Tiffany Ballroom

Trying to decide which of the many post-ceremony reception halls is the perfect match for you? We understand it is an important and sometimes overwhelming decision when planning a wedding. We’ve outlined the top four points you should consider when analyzing your top reception halls including location, packages offered, and the experience.


The Location

Post ceremony reception hall at the Tiffany Ballroom at Four Points by Sheraton Norwood
Image by Berryphotos Weddings-Portraits

The type of reception hall you choose will set the stage for your reception. There are many options to consider including:

  • How close you want to be to where the ceremony is being held
  • Size of your guest list
  • Ambiance & setting you want to have (traditional hall, local gardens, etc.)
  • Whether or not a hotel needs to be close by for guests
  • Additional features offered

Determine you, and your guests needs to help narrow down your search using the above criteria starting with what is most important to you on your special day.


Packages Offered

Weddings can begin to add up quickly so when choosing a venue, always remember to ask about packages. Wedding packages can include a variety of items including drinks, food, linens, centerpieces, bartending service, and more. A typical reception hall will work with you to craft the best package deal for what you’re looking for in your event.


At The Tiffany Ballroom, we will work with your budget and number of guests to help you choose from our Gold, Platinum, or Diamond wedding packages that can include a complimentary overnight guestroom for the bride and groom, and much more. We believe in helping to make your dream day come alive, so do not hesitate to reach out with inquiries. To see our wedding packages, visit our wedding packages page.


The Experience

We believe planning your wedding should be a fun, exciting, stress-free time. Ask questions about contact points and meeting dates leading up to the event to make sure the venue you’re choosing is going to work for you to make sure your special day goes off without a hitch.


At The Tiffany Ballroom, our event and culinary staff will go above and beyond to make sure you have nothing to stress about regarding your reception hall. We’ll take your ideas and bring them to life without you having to ask twice.



After considering all the above, once you’ve decided on a location, we suggest you reserve it as soon as possible. A good guide is to book a year or more in advance, especially for a popular venue. The sooner you secure your space, the faster you can begin exploring details and making the space your own.


The Tiffany Ballroom is an excellent choice for a bride or groom with high expectations. The beautiful high ceilings and alabaster chandeliers create the perfect backdrop for the reception of your dreams. Whether you’re having a party for 150 or 450, The Tiffany Ballroom is the perfect romantic location you’re looking for.


Reserve The Tiffany Ballroom or one of our other reception halls today at (781) 255-3159 or via email.

Venue Wedding Reception Checklist | The Tiffany Ballroom

Venue Wedding Reception
Venue Wedding Reception.  Images by: Berryphotos Weddings-Portraits

If you’re getting married soon, then you are likely in full wedding planning mode. From the bridesmaid’s dresses to the flavor of the cake filling, you want every detail to be just right. Before you get too far into your wedding plan it will be necessary to research venues for the wedding reception.

A venue wedding reception checklist is a very helpful tool when you’re trying to narrow down your options and it will ensure that all of your important questions answered up front.

The Basics

Before delving too far into planning and price negotiation for weddings and receptions, it is important to weed out the locations that just won’t work; whether they’re too small, too expensive or just not available. Start your venue wedding reception checklist with these basic questions:

  • What dates/times are available around the weekend I’m considering?
  • How many people can this venue accommodate?
  • What is the cost? Make sure to ask about and include any extras such as rental fees.
  • Do you have an event coordinator, and if so, exactly what services are provided?

Venue Wedding Receptions
Venue Wedding Receptions


Other than the cost of the venue wedding reception, budgets are largely taken up by food and alcohol. If you’re hoping to cut some corners or if you have specific ideas of what you want, ask about availability and pricing for food and alcohol.

  • Is there an in-house caterer/bartender?
  • Do I have the option of using an outside vendor?
  • If I hire my own caterer/bartender, what facilities are available?
  • What is the food and beverage cost on a per/person basis?
  • Can I bring my own alcohol and is there a corkage fee if I do?
  • Will I have to rent tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware or are they included?


Before deciding on a venue wedding reception, think about what type of entertainment you want and make sure it’s feasible at the location you choose.

  • Do you have preferred entertainment vendors? Can I hire my own?
  • Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band?
  • Are there restrictions on what kind of music I can play, or a time by which the music must end?
  • Can the venue accommodate a dance floor? How many people will it hold?
  • What facilities are available in terms of lighting or music equipment?


As you start to firm up your agenda for the day, you may realize you have more questions regarding venue wedding reception logistics. Get these questions answered ahead of time so you don’t end up scrambling right before the wedding.

  • Exactly how long will I have use of the space? Is there a fee if I stay longer?
  • Are there weddings or receptions before or after mine?
  • Is there complimentary parking or valet parking on site? What is the charge?
  • If I hire my own vendors, what time can they start setting up on the wedding day?
  • Are table linens and floral arrangements available?
  • When can I enter the space to begin decorating?
  • What overnight accommodations do you provide or what are the nearest hotels to the venue?
  • Is there a place where we can take photos?
  • How many restrooms are there? (A good rule of thumb is 4 restrooms per 100 people.)
  • Is there a bride’s changing area?
  • Is there a space where my guests can mingle before the reception?
  • What’s your weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?

Consider All Inclusive Packages

As you can see, there are many considerations when selecting a wedding venue that can make life easier during the planning process, The Tiffany Ballroom at the Four Points Sheraton Norwood offers all-inclusive packages that can be tailored to your specific needs, including 5-hour room rental , champagne, innovative menus, gorgeous floral centerpieces, bartender service, real butter cream wedding cake, butler-passed hors d’ouevres, elegant table linens, a complimentary overnight guestroom for the bride and groom, and more.

All Inclusive Wedding Packages | The Tiffany Ballroom

All Inclusive Wedding Packages. Images by: Berryphotos Weddings-Portraits

Did you know that the average couple spends over 100 hours researching and interviewing vendors for their wedding day?  Do you want an amazing wedding without all of the headaches? All-inclusive wedding packages have become quite popular for couples looking to tie the knot.

Defining “All Inclusive”

All inclusive wedding packages typically include everything you’ll want and need, including services from vendors.  Venues that offer this option can coordinate details from start to finish while taking great care to make sure your individual wishes are met.

Forget piecing your special day together with a dozen different companies…your wedding coordinator can help you handle everything from the caterer, entertainment, cake, photographer and videographer, minister, florist, bartenders, servers, setup/cleanup crew, rentals, guest suites, hair and makeup appointments, and more.

Companies that offer these packages have taken the time to screen and select reputable vendors that (because they have an ongoing relationship with the venue) can offer reduced pricing. Usually, these vendors have excellent reviews and work with specific venues because it provides them with consistent work. It’s a win/win for all parties involved.

If you are researching all inclusive wedding packages, it is important to understand that each venue has their own definition of “all inclusive”.  Just because you see the words “all inclusive” doesn’t necessarily mean everything that you expect is included.  Make sure to ask lots of questions and read any agreement that you sign very carefully.  Beware of hidden fees and loopholes in the agreement; some venues hide extra fees in the small print.

All Inclusive Wedding Packages
All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Are All Inclusive Wedding Packages Right for You?

With the fast-paced, busy lives most people live today, more and more brides and grooms are choosing all inclusive wedding packages.  Just think about the alternative; couples who choose a DIY wedding will have to spend hours researching and interviewing vendors,

mailing out several different deposits, signing multiple contracts, dealing with rentals, set up/take down and arrival times, figuring out who will run the buffet and keep it stocked, arranging for cake and champagne . . . and the list goes on.

Are you worried that an all inclusive wedding package won’t work for you because you have very specific ideas about your wedding day?  The Tiffany Ballroom at Four Points by Sheraton Norwood can offer you quite a bit of customization and flexibility.  Whether you want something completely over the top or just traditional, our goal is to make your wedding day the most special it can be for you.  Buying a complete wedding package allows you to customize to your own preferences while saving money and time.

However, all inclusive wedding packages aren’t right for everyone. Consider the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Choosing a package is almost always less expensive.
  • Enjoy less work and fewer balls to juggle before, during and after the wedding.
  • You’ll definitely spend much less time researching and interviewing vendors.
  • A dedicated wedding coordinator can help you navigate the process.
  • Instead of keeping up with multiple vendors you’ll have one point of contact.


  • One disadvantage perhaps is the tendency to go with whatever vendors are recommended to you, rather than interviewing a whole host of vendors. However, that is also a huge advantage in terms of time savings.  We have experience selecting reliable, high quality vendors and are happy to steer you in the right direction.
  • If you want to take direct control over every single detail, and enjoy wedding planning, you may not want to turn over responsibility to someone else.

Most couples that choose not to take advantage of an all inclusive package have a unique set of circumstances. Either the location they love doesn’t offer a package or they really want to control every detail of the wedding. Couples should talk about this option and be realistic about their expectations before making a final decision.  If you think you’ll enjoy the wedding planning process, by all means, plan away!

Many Venues Offer All Inclusive Wedding Packages; Why Are We Different?

Most locations that host a large number of weddings will offer some type of wedding package. You can find them offered at hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, cruise ships, yachts and other popular wedding spots.

A full-service venue like the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood is an excellent place for an all inclusive wedding; we can handle everything from guest rooms to the ballroom, catering, and coordinating vendors for you.

Our Gold, Platinum and Diamond wedding packages include champagne, butler-passed hors d’oeuvres, innovative menus, real butter cream wedding cake, elegant table linens, gorgeous floral centerpieces, bartender service, 5-hour room rental, a complimentary overnight guestroom for the bride and groom, and much more. And for your overnight guests, we have comfortable, well-appointed guest rooms – all featuring our new signature Four Comfort® Beds. If you or your guests are extra sensitive to air-borne allergens, ask about our new Pure™ Allergy-Friendly guest rooms.

We believe that our unique offering of The Tiffany Ballroom venue combined with our excellent catering services provides a one-two punch that will make your wedding an absolutely unforgettable knockout.