• Having an unplugged wedding

    Having an unplugged wedding

    September 17, 2021

    If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen many pictures of our signs asking guests to take a few moments to ‘unplug’ and enjoy the ceremony.  With our digital world, social media and instant access to pretty much everything, it’s nice to take a few minutes to truly be present in one of the ...

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  • Online Wedding Planning

    Online Wedding Planning

    September 3, 2021

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic caused such an upset in the event planning world, leading to many events being altered or postponed, the need for an easy way to communicate changes and information with your guests has become a top priority.  Having an online wedding planning website has been common for years but adding in the ...

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  • How to Set Up a Block of Hotel Rooms for your Guests

    How to Set Up a Block of Hotel Rooms for your Guests

    August 20, 2021

    When hosting an event, whether it be a wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or social event, you will want to set up a block of hotel rooms for your guests.  Having a discounted block of hotel rooms is convenient for your guests and takes the burden of planning off their shoulders.  If you are having ...

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  • How to Write and Deliver a Memorable Wedding Toast

    How to Write and Deliver a Memorable Wedding Toast

    August 6, 2021

    If you have been asked to give a wedding toast at a wedding reception, chances are you are a close friend or family member of the couple.  It is a great honor to be asked to speak on the most important day in their lives, and the task deserves much thought and consideration.  Consider these ...

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  • Planning a Wedding Weekend in MA

    Planning a Wedding Weekend in MA

    July 16, 2021

    Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and life is getting back to normal…people are going to be ready to CELEBRATE….and a normal 5 hour reception just may not be enough time! When planning a wedding weekend or social event at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood, you aren’t limited to just the 5 hours ...

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